Thursday, December 11, 2014

Something in the Wall!!!

 Salem on the left!!  Mya Boo Boo on the right!!!

 Why you ask?  Because....there is something in the wall!

 Mya sniffs the entire length of the wall...
 As you can see...she is the ONLY pup that is interested.  Reesie couldn't care less!!

 Of course, Salem will not be outdone!  She is a cat after all!  Hunting is what she does best!  And Mya won't get the jump on her!

Salem is able to fit into those tight spots that Mya Boo Boo cannot.

 Mya stands guard...just in case........

 .......something might run out.......

And Mya proves she can get into those tight spots as well!!!

Part of her....anyway.   I think Salem is laughing at MBB.

So, what is in the wall you ask?  Darn if I know.  But it isn't a "mouse" sounds HUGE and makes a LOUD squealing noiseI'm terrified something is going to bust out of the wall like in a horror movie!  I'm not sure if the landlord will do anything...but for now, we allow MBB to stand guard.  Her and Salem stand between us and the "big bad"....

We are doomed.