Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

 Will the REAL Salem Marie please stand up!!!

Huh?  Whatcha talking about?

Is woo talking to me?

Here I is!!!  I am da real Salem Marie, Ninja Cat of the Painter Pack!!!  Meows!!!

Everyfurry have a spooooooky and safe Halloweenie!  


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Squirrels and Such!

 Harooooooos!  Mya Boo Boo here!  Yes, it is your lucky day!  I am back!  I knows dat woo all missed me!  I have just been relaxing in da house wif Mommy.  

 Here I am, in MY yard, checking things out!  There have been sightings of huge squirrels and even rabbits!  So, I'm out here to see for myself!


 Nope...nothing there.


Sniff...wait!....sniff......nah, false alarm.

Well, I didn't find anything suspicious in my yard.  Perhaps the tales of giant squirrels and huge rabbits are just not true.  Sigh....I was looking forward to something different for dinner. 

For now, I will keep looking.  You won't fool me squirrels!  Rabbits maybe...but not squirrels!  

And the human weather person said that COLD IS COMING!!!  So I is happy!  I hope we gets some good snows.  I need snows.  I am a husky. 

Goodbye for now,

Mya Boo Boo, Leader of the Painter Pack!

The Painter Pack Mom here!  Please remember our current need regarding the possibility of being homeless.  There is a button to the right of the blog for the GoFundMe account as well as a PayPal Donate button.   

We also have an Amazon Wish List set up here:

We are very low on hard dog food, so if you do go to Amazon, please consider that.

I am so thankful to everyone who has donated, shared, and prayed for us.  It means the world to us that the blogging community has come forward like they have.  We are truly blessed.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Coco Bean having some fun in the sun!

 Hi furiends!  CoCo Bean here!  Yes, that fat Siberian actually stepped aside so that I could post some photos on the bloggie!  Just because she and I do not "get along"...the world isn't just about her!  Hmmmp!
 Enough about her.  This is ME!!!  I adore playing in the back yard!  Reesie-Cup comes out and plays with me sometimes.  I love her.  She is my favorite sister!  Hehehehe!
 For those who do not know me, I am the oldest, age 10, and of course the smartest.  I am part German Shepherd and part Australian Shepherd. 
 So I have beauty and brains!  Mommy says I may be the smallest, but I have the biggest bite!  Oh yes I do!  Just ask the fat Siberian...heheheheh!
 Here are me and Reesie!  She is so much fun to play with!  And she can outrun me!  Woofs!  Guess I am slowing down in my old'er age!
Although Mommy cannot allow me and the fat Siberian out together (at all--ever--ever), I still get to have lots of fun.  I enjoy my time with Reesie and when I'm out with Mommy, just watching TV!  Life is good!

So, goodbye for now.  I will try and come back when the fat Siberian isn't looking!  Until then, sending lots of slobbery Shepherd kisses to my furiends!

CoCo Bean

Painter Pack mom here!  Please remember our current, urgent need.  We have enough money for rent in November, but we are moving on to December.  There have been several job interviews, but nothing concrete yet.  Please share our need and pray for us!  There are buttons to the right of this post, on our page, for the GoFundMe account and to donate on PayPal.  Also, we have an Amazon Wish List set up.
We are currently very low on hard dog food.  So, if  you can, we would greatly appreciate that.

Thank you all so much.  We love our blogging friends more than words can express!

Sherri and the Pack

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Mischief

 Hello blogging buddies!  Mya Boo Boo here wif some more photos from this weekend's beewootiful weather here in Georgia!
 Of course, the beewootifulest thing is me!!  Haroo!!  A husky knows what a husky knows!  And I knows I is beewootiful!

Here is Reesie doing her sniffing duty.  She is the one who keeps the perimeter secure.  Yes...I know. We are doomed.

I was hiding behind the tree, ready to scare her!

But she caught me before I could jump out and say BOO!  It was just dumb labradork luck.

So, I let her pass. goofy.

While I was outside, the cats were in the kitchen, sniffing around.  I don't know what cats sniff for...except mice.   But Sophie was sniffing.

Guess she didn't find any mice.

Aren't I just beewootiful!!!

Mommy says I am stubborn and bull-headed.  And I say, YES!  Of course I am!

I go out when Mommy let's me...but I only come in when I want to come in!  It's a husky's right to stubbornly say, nah.  Not now.
 So, I spent some extra time outside, roaming in my yard.  No critters today.  Sometimes we see wabbits from the woods come out. But they don't come into our yard.  Not sure why........**nicker**

 Come on woo little wabbits!  Come play wif us!!! 


 Uhoh....I hear Mommy using that tone...woo know the one.  It means troubles if woo don't come. 

So, I decided it was time for me to go inside.  

Maybe I will get a treat for being such a good girl!
 Inside, I ran into the cats again...doing whatever it is that they do.  

Cats.  Silly cats.

 So, I hope woo all enjoyed my outside adventure!  Be sure and visit us often because, as a Siberian, I demand your attention!

Mya Boo Boo

The Painter Pack Mom here!  Please remember our current need regarding the possibility of being homeless.  There is a button to the right of the blog for the GoFundMe account as well as a PayPal Donate button.   

We also have an Amazon Wish List set up here:

As you can see from the post, all the doggies love being able to run in the back yard.  And I don't care where we are, as long as we are together as a family.  But being homeless with pets would be so difficult...and dangerous.  

So, please, if you cannot give, then share and pray for us.  Right now we have rent for November, but not enough for utilities.  Thank you for all that you have done!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Outside fun time!

 Hello and woofs!  Reesie Cup here!  Mommy took some photos of us outside today in the beautiful sunshine!  So, my Siberian sister and I wanted to share dem wif woo!  Yes, I am the bootiful chocolate one.
 I do like to sniff around.  I had my surgery 2 weeks ago (spay) and today is the first day Mommy has let me outside to run.  She is overprotective!

 Here is my Siberian sister, Mya Boo Boo.  She is da least in her mind!  Woofs woofs!  But, she is not too bad. Mostly.
 My kitty sister Salem was very interested in our outside time. 
 So, she followed Mommy into the laundry room, where Mommy takes pictures out of an open window.

 So, Mommy held Salem in her arms and let her sniff out the window.  I thinks Salem wanted to jump out and do more than sniff!

  Sorry Salem!  Woo cannot jump out da window!!!!
 Finally, here is CoCo.  She has to go out separately from Mya Boo Boo cause dey do not get all.  But, she wuvs me!  And I wuvs her too!  She barks a lot...and has real mean looking teeths.  So I is glad she wuvs me!
Well, dats it for me friends!  I plan on spending my night snuggling with my hooman brudder.   He is my bestest friend!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Reesie Cup and the entire Painter Pack

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hanging out with the Chocolate girl!

 Hello everyone!  The Pack mom here again!  We have spent this beautiful fall day hanging out inside with our Chocolate girl, Reesie-Cup. She is recovering great from her spay surgery this past Wednesday!  

 She may look like she's not full of energy, but she is!  Oh yes, she is!
 Just ask Sophia!  She will tell you just how rambunctious that chocolate tail can be!
 Reesie:  "I think I will take a nap to save my energy for tomorrow!"
Mya Boo Boo:  "Trust me...nothing wrong with that labra-dork!  But, she's milking it for all it's worth!  Smart dork!"

Now for the "other" stuff.  

Please, remember that we are on the brink of being homeless.  Long story short, I lost my job in March 2014.  I thought I had more than 6 months of unemployment.  But I found out the second week of September, that it was ending on the 30th of that month.  Thanks to our wonderful friends, we have raised enough money to stay through October.  However, we haven't raised any money for November.  And our landlord has said that we cannot be late or short on rent.  It is due by the 3rd each month.

It is just me, my son (age 22) and pets.  My son has been desperately looking for a job since April with no luck.  As for me, I lost my job due to health issues.  I have applied for disability, thinking I'd have a year to 18 months of unemployment.  Now, I've still not had a decision on my disability, and probably won't for another 2 months.  So, I either have to try and find a job that I can do, or my son has to find a good, full time job.  

I am begging my friends to share our need, through our GoFundMe page at

We understand that everyone is struggling in one way or another.  But please, if you can, share our need on your FB or Google+ pages.  It may help us.  Otherwise, without rent on November 3rd, we will be homeless within 7 days (which is Georgia law).

My son has a PayPal account under if needed.

So, thank you for your shares and prayers.   They are all appreciated more than you can know.

Sherri and the Pack