Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Squirrels and Such!

 Harooooooos!  Mya Boo Boo here!  Yes, it is your lucky day!  I am back!  I knows dat woo all missed me!  I have just been relaxing in da house wif Mommy.  

 Here I am, in MY yard, checking things out!  There have been sightings of huge squirrels and even rabbits!  So, I'm out here to see for myself!


 Nope...nothing there.


Sniff...wait!....sniff......nah, false alarm.

Well, I didn't find anything suspicious in my yard.  Perhaps the tales of giant squirrels and huge rabbits are just not true.  Sigh....I was looking forward to something different for dinner. 

For now, I will keep looking.  You won't fool me squirrels!  Rabbits maybe...but not squirrels!  

And the human weather person said that COLD IS COMING!!!  So I is happy!  I hope we gets some good snows.  I need snows.  I am a husky. 

Goodbye for now,

Mya Boo Boo, Leader of the Painter Pack!

The Painter Pack Mom here!  Please remember our current need regarding the possibility of being homeless.  There is a button to the right of the blog for the GoFundMe account as well as a PayPal Donate button.   

We also have an Amazon Wish List set up here:

We are very low on hard dog food, so if you do go to Amazon, please consider that.

I am so thankful to everyone who has donated, shared, and prayed for us.  It means the world to us that the blogging community has come forward like they have.  We are truly blessed.


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