Friday, October 17, 2014

Outside fun time!

 Hello and woofs!  Reesie Cup here!  Mommy took some photos of us outside today in the beautiful sunshine!  So, my Siberian sister and I wanted to share dem wif woo!  Yes, I am the bootiful chocolate one.
 I do like to sniff around.  I had my surgery 2 weeks ago (spay) and today is the first day Mommy has let me outside to run.  She is overprotective!

 Here is my Siberian sister, Mya Boo Boo.  She is da least in her mind!  Woofs woofs!  But, she is not too bad. Mostly.
 My kitty sister Salem was very interested in our outside time. 
 So, she followed Mommy into the laundry room, where Mommy takes pictures out of an open window.

 So, Mommy held Salem in her arms and let her sniff out the window.  I thinks Salem wanted to jump out and do more than sniff!

  Sorry Salem!  Woo cannot jump out da window!!!!
 Finally, here is CoCo.  She has to go out separately from Mya Boo Boo cause dey do not get all.  But, she wuvs me!  And I wuvs her too!  She barks a lot...and has real mean looking teeths.  So I is glad she wuvs me!
Well, dats it for me friends!  I plan on spending my night snuggling with my hooman brudder.   He is my bestest friend!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Reesie Cup and the entire Painter Pack

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