Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spay Day and our continued Need!

 Happy Saturday!  

Reesie-Cup, our chocolate girl, had her spay day on Wednesday!  She came through with flying colors!  There was a moment of concern for the doctor...Reesie bled a lot.  So, the vet gave her a vitamin K shot.  But, she is doing great now.  There are pain meds and lots of treats!

 We had an unusual experience at the vet's office.  We were dropping Reesie off at 7:30...we got there at 7:10 and walked through the unlocked door.  Only, no one was there.

We sat down to wait, and then the burglar alarm started going off!!  I called out "Hello", hoping that someone from the staff would answer me.  They did not.  So, we turned around and walked out the door!

I've seen too many movies...I wasn't going to wait around to find the "body" in the back.  When the tech finally arrived at 7:25, the alarm had finally stopped.  We informed she could be careful going through the clinic.  No bodies!

Funny thing...the police finally showed up at 7:45...a good 35 minutes after the alarm started going off. So much for our tax dollars at work!

So, that is our excitement for the month!  Done!  Over!

 Now, for our continued need. Thanks to all our wonderful friends--and many strangers--the Pack will be able to stay in our home through October.  However, there are no funds for November.  We are desperately looking for jobs, but nothing has happened yet.  

So not forget to share and pray for us.  We cannot do this alone.  I do not want to end up on the streets with my beautiful pets.  I would have to give up my 2 cats...and I have no new fosters lined up as of now.  

All the info is located below.  Please, if you have questions or even suggestions or encouragement, email me or PM me on Facebook.  

To give, go to

We have also set up an Amazon Wish List here:

Finally, we have a PayPay account under 

Thank you all so much for your continued support.  It is keeping this family together.  

Sherri and the Pack

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