Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Our Chocolate world! Reesie Cup!

Hello is me, Reesie Cup!  I am the resident Dork (Labrador) of the Painter Pack house.  Mommy said that I could post today cause I am so stinking cute!  What do woo think?

Here is me, sitting by my human brudder while he works.  He works from home, so I gets to keep da eyes on him and make sure he don'ts fall asleeps!  
 And if woo notice, this arm of da chair is broke...and yes, I did dat...Over time, I guess it gots weak from me sitting there..and wham...but it's ok!  Cause brudder put a pillow there to lay my head on!  I loves my brudder!
 Sometimes, when I's not in da chair, I is under the desk.  Brudder has a big desk!  So I can lay under there or look out the window while he works.  

Being a Dork, sometimes I's toots under the desk and he makes me move so's he can breathe....Woofs!  Nuffin like a Dork toot!!  And I am furry good t it!!!
 Dat's all for today!  I hope woo all enjoy wooking at me!  Cause I is cute!  

Reesie Cup

Monday, March 20, 2017

Mya Monday-Mud edition

Harooo world!  It's me, Mya Boo Boo!  Ruler of the house!  Of course it is all about me!  But today, Mommy said I should show off my mud-hole digging skills!  So here we go!

 I am a husky!  So I dig!

 What are you looking at Mommy?

 Scoping out the area...a husky is never caught off guard!

 Don't judge me!  Haroooo!

 I cannot deny my husky skills!

 Snooter Exploration...

 I love this mud-hole!  It has water in it from our most recent rain, so digging in it is wonderful!  I don't care that Mommy yells at me out the window to stop.  It just makes me dig more!  Haroo Roo Rooo!!!!  

See woo all next time!

Mya Boo Boo 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Dreaded V-E-T visit!

Good morning!  Painter Pack Mom here!  Last Friday we had our yearly V-E-T visit!  Thankfully, we have a great vet who does housecalls!  So we were able to do everyone, one at a time.  Here is how it went!

Miss Sophie cat got her yearly rabies.  There have been several cases of cats in our area of Georgia that have had rabies!  So even though our girls are inside only, we don't take any chances!  She was super scared at first.  Sophie does not like to come out of the bedroom.  So, we had to lock her out about an hour before, otherwise she would have hidden under the bed and we would never get her out!  She cried and cried!  But, she did well with the actual vet.  I am so sorry Sophie!

Mya does worse than anyone else when it comes to people.  She has so much anxiety, we are always afraid her eyes might pop out!  It's that bad!  She has to be muzzled and it takes 3 of us to hold her.  She got a new HW test (which is negative of course-all the girls are on HW meds consistently), had her nails trimmed and her rabies.  It was not an easy job to trim those nails!  The vet recommended a supplement to give her for calming.  So I've ordered it and hope it works because she needs to be brushed!  And it is a nightmare to brush her!  

The bad thing is that the vet said Mya has the beginnings of arthritis in her front paws...kind of like where a wrist is on us humans.  This could explain her pain and discomfort a couple of weeks ago...I thought she had a hurt nail, but it may have been her actual foot.  She is about 15-20 pounds overweight, so the vet said she needs to lose it now more than ever.  Mya will begin taking a supplement in a couple weeks for the arthritis, soon as I have the money to order it! 

My sweet Ninja Cat, Salem, acted out!  She didn't like the vet or the assistant touching her, so she flayed around a bit. Other than that, she did ok.  Rabies done!

Our sweet Reesie did fairly well.  The vet tried to trim her nails, but cut one too close, so we had a bit of blood.  Other than that, Reesie is still overweight.  She also needs to lose about 20 pounds.  Being a labra-dork, she loves her treats and food so much!  It won't be easy trimming her down.  We've tried for a
The BIGGEST news is on our sweet girl, CoCo!  After her HW test, she is completely NEGATIVE!!  *Happy Dance*

She is turning 13 in a couple of months and is in perfect health!  No weight issues or anything!  LOL!  CoCo is the best!

So that is the good and bad of the vet visit.  It took a lot more money than I thought...but still not bad considering it was a home visit, took an hour, and she saw 5 pets!

Hope everyone has a Monday!!!  Smile and show some love!


Friday, March 10, 2017

Sophie in the morning

Sophia Belle here!  And yes, I want attentions!  Look at me, Mommy!
Now really, who could resist this face? 

Well, ok...maybe Mya that fat husky...but she and I have an understanding...she doesn't bother me and I let her live!
 And maybe Salem, the Ninja Cat (she named herself, which is crazy)
 And the Dork?  Reesie only thinks with her resisting me is easy...cause I ain't food!  Meow!
 So the one who loves me the most is Mommy!  She lets me rule her bedroom, because that's about as far as I go.  I'm not fond of adventure...just lovins and naps!

Meows and Purrs!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mud? So what! Wordless Wednesday!

Words not required when a Husky has been digging in the fresh mud at 6am!


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Mya Boo Boo Painter 

The Painter Pack

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Good Morning Song!

Harooooo Roo Roo!  Good morning my furiends!  Mya Boo Boo here to sing you along into this beautiful Monday morning!

 Also, here bees a cat photo...Just cause...
 We all know who the diva is in this photo!  Woo Woo Woos!!
 Now..More of ME!  Since I am the ultimate diva!  
Happy Monday everyfurry!

 Mya Boo Boo Painter
Queen of the World