Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We need Spring!

 Hello friends!  Just a quick post with lots and lots of Mya Boo Boo photos!  She is so rotten!
 Most of you know that I have a GoFundMe page set up to help with rent and utilities while I continue to look for work.  Over this past weekend, I was verbally attacked by a Facebook nut.  This woman (Seven Trumpets aka Serena Cohen) was blasting lies about me all over the place.  It was very upsetting.  The end result is that I had to delete my GoFundMe account and open up another one.  So, if you are a follower of mine on Facebook, the new link is there. 
 You just never know when evil will enter your life.  I was shocked when this happened to us...but, life must go on.  And all I am concerned about right now is keeping a home for my babies. 

 We are so ready for Spring!  Tired of rain and more rain...and yes, even snow.  It is time for fun and sun!
 To all our blogging friends, thank you for standing with us during our struggles...and thank you to the Facebook friends who came to my defense this past weekend. 

Take care and blog on!!!

Sherri and the Pack

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Southern Snowfall 2015!!

 It finally happened!  We got some real snow in Georgia!

 It started off slow...at first.
 Mya and Reesie playing in the dusting...
 Even Salem the kitty wanted in on the snow action. 
 Then, as night time came, so did the heavy snow.

 By the next morning, February 26th, we had about 6-8 inches of snow.  Reesie LOVES snow!  Even more than Mya!  CoCo (directly above) isn't too keen on anything that gets her paws wet.  So, she did what had to be done and wanted back inside!
 She likes to stick her whole head into the snow.  Not sure why...Could be a Dork thing!
 "I don't like this!"  Says CoCo Bean!  She tiptoes into the snow.

 Action shot!
 Here is our girl Mya...enjoying the snow.  Since she's gotten older (8), she isn't as fast in the snow as she used to be.  I know the feeling.
 Thank you all for sharing our "big" snow day!  So, until next year!  Hahahaha!

The Painter Pack
Mya Boo Boo
Reesie Cup
CoCo Bean
Salem and Sophie, the kitties