Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday to CoCo!!!

Guess who turns 12 today!!!

 That's right!!  CoCo Bean!  

 Doesn't she look good!  She had a big day with an extra nice breakfast and lots of outside time!

 And she got lots of lovins!
 We love our girl so much!  And she is doing great on her heartworm treatments!  Tomorrow begins month #3!

Also, we have to take a moment to remember our boy, Doodle.  He was CoCo's litter mate and wonderful brother.
 Doodle crossed the Bridge in 2009 after a sudden and horrible onset of seizures.  It was over as fast as it began and we lost our snuggly boy on Thanksgiving Day.  We still love and honor his memory because he will always be a member of our family.  We love you Doodle Butt!

So, with Sophie's birthday yesterday.....
 and CoCo's today, we have done nothing but party!  BOL!!  MOL!! 

The Painter Pack