Sunday, April 30, 2017

Number 7 for Sophie!

 Happy 7th birthday to our Sophia Belle today!  As you can see, she is unimpressed with the festivities!

Sophie is my girl.  Always close to Mama's side.  She's not a very nice cat sister to Salem, but her and Mya Boo Boo get along.  Weird.

She is such a wonderful baby girl!  

Her favorite spot for sun-rays!

So Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!  You have tuna coming later today!

Mama loves you!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday to our girl, Salem!

Say it isn't so!  She's 6 years old today and that is no joke!  Where have the years gone for our sweet Ninja Cat?  She was so tiny when we rescued her!
 Supposedly 6 weeks old and just full of fleas...we got her cleaned up and let Sophie check out her new sisfur!
 Sophie wasn't--and still isn't--impressed.  (Look at how much smaller Sophie used to be!)

Now that Salem Marie is all grown up and beautiful, she is our resident Ninja Cat.  She is tiny but fearless!  Not much, if anything deters her from exploring every inch of the house each night!

 She always looks like she is up to something!
 She isn't much of a mouser...actually our resident mouser is Mya Boo Boo--the husky.  Sophie sat on a mouse once...that's her only meeting with a mouse...ever...and Salem caught one once...but let it go.  She just wanted to play with it.  Thankfully, we've had no mice at all since last spring thanks to using peppermint oil around the baseboards.
 Salem and Reesie have a really good relationship.  They often sleep beside each other.  Sometimes she tries to give Reesie a bath...
 See the little white mark beside her nose?  That is from a fight between her and Sophie...years ago.  They haven't fought like that since.  I think they both learned a lesson.

 The girl loves high up spaces....
 So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweet little girl!  Mama and human brother love you very much!  Your can of tuna awaits!!  And yes, you have to share with your sisfur...cause her birthday is at the end of the month and she will share her tuna with you...probably.

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