Monday, May 1, 2017

BIG #13 for CoCo Bean!

Happy 13th Birthday to our CoCo Bean and Angel Doodle!

 Mommy, I am 13 today!!  I am a big girl now!
 Do I get extra treats?
 Our sweet girl is doing great for her age!  She is moving around, running, and seems to be thoroughly enjoying life at the Painter house!

 Here is CoCo when she was younger!  Still looks the same! Just a little fluffier!

 This is Maxie Doodle Butt!  We just called him Doodle.  He was CoCo's litter mate brother that we adopted the same time as her.
 Sadly, Doodle passed away at the age of 5 1/2 due to seizures.  We never found out the cause, or if there was an underlining cause for his sudden seizure attack.
 We lost him on the day after Thanksgiving in 2009...a year or so after these photos.  He is now with Jack (Pictured) and Koova Bleu who are also at the Bridge.  We still love and miss him very much.

 So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both!  Very blessed to have you in our lives!  And for our CoCo, we pray we have many, many more wonderful years with our girl!