Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday to CoCo!!!

Guess who turns 12 today!!!

 That's right!!  CoCo Bean!  

 Doesn't she look good!  She had a big day with an extra nice breakfast and lots of outside time!

 And she got lots of lovins!
 We love our girl so much!  And she is doing great on her heartworm treatments!  Tomorrow begins month #3!

Also, we have to take a moment to remember our boy, Doodle.  He was CoCo's litter mate and wonderful brother.
 Doodle crossed the Bridge in 2009 after a sudden and horrible onset of seizures.  It was over as fast as it began and we lost our snuggly boy on Thanksgiving Day.  We still love and honor his memory because he will always be a member of our family.  We love you Doodle Butt!

So, with Sophie's birthday yesterday.....
 and CoCo's today, we have done nothing but party!  BOL!!  MOL!! 

The Painter Pack

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Miss Sophia Belle is 6 years old!

Happy Birthday to Sophia Belle!!  

Also known as Sophie, the Chunky Monkey, the Fat Cat, and Groucho!
 "Stop pointing the flashy beast at me!  I'm not ready!"
 "Mommy, you are persistent...I'm not impressed."
 "Of course it helps because I don't take a bad picture!  I am an amazing beauty!"
 Sophie is our shy girl.  She doesn't like anyone other than her two humans...and sometimes not even the boy.  However, she is a total Mommy's girl.  

Unfortunately for Salem....Sophie isn't very "sisterly"....
 "You mean because she smacks me with her fat paw?"

 Sophie is devoted to me, the Mommy.  She gets along great with everyone, only it's on her terms.  It's funny that she and Mya seem to "get" each other more than the others.
 "Her Siberian songs aren't too bad...she could use some lessons though."
 When I am working, she is never far away.  Always willing to lend a paw!

 So here is wishing my first kitty girl a happy 6th birthday!  She will be getting some tuna tonight, along with extra loves!!!

I love you my fat girl!


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy Birthday and some Updates!

Hello furiends!  Salem here to report on, well, ME!!!  See, yesterday, April 1st was my 5th birthday!  That's right, I celebrate my big day on April Fool's Day!

 It was a good day.  I had extra lovings and brushings!  Plus some tunas...which I had to share with my kitty sister, Sophie.  Otherwise, she would have smacked me with da paw.
Sophie: "I will admit nothing."
 I still like to help Mommy while she works!
 As you can see, I had a good day!  I am glad to be a big 5 years old now!  Mommy says I am more beewootiful every day!
 See you all next time around!!
**Now for an update from the Painter Pack Mom**
Hi there!  Just wanted to update you all on Miss CoCo Bean's continued treatments and recovery from her dreaded heartworms.
She finished her antibiotics yesterday, so we wait 30 more days before beginning them again.  She is still on supplements for heart and liver strength, but is doing just great!
 She has a new bed!  And, since this picture was taken, she also has a new water bowl and a new food bowl that attach to her crate.  It makes it easier for her.  
Although she is doing really great with the heartworm treatments, she continues to have problems with her back, right hip.  Considering she is a German Shepherd mix, the vet says it is the beginnings of arthritis.  Some days are fine, but when the weather is bad or cold, she has a much harder time with movement.
Here, the Siberian girl is checking on her older sister.  They don't usually get along, but lately Mya has been much nicer to CoCo.
Coco really likes her new bed.  It helps her rest better and stay quiet, which she has to do while undergoing the treatments.  She has one LONG walk each day in the back yard, but other than that, not a lot of activity.  But at her age, she doesn't mind.  She will be 12 next month.
So for now, all is well in the Pack.  The girls are all fine and happy!  As it should be!
Thank you all for reading, caring, and being such a great family!  

P.S.  Snooter kisses from Reesie Cup!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

CoCo, Dog-sitting and random cat photo!

Hello everyone!  CoCo Bean here!  I wanted to let everyone know that I have started my heartworm treatments and I am doing good!  

Of course, Mommy is worried all da times.  But so far, there have been no bad reactions!  I am still my beewootiful self!

I spent some time with my wonderful human brudder today and he let me lick all over him!  Dats what I likes to do!  He needs to be cleaned!  So I clean!  Anyways, here is some pictures of me!

 As woo can see, my licker is going crazy for my brudder!

 More licker action!

 Lots of lovins!

 And more licker action!

 I declare, he is clean!  Woofs!

I hopes everyone has a good weekend!  Keeps thinkins of me and crossing paws that I will continue to do so good!

Coco Bean Painter

P.S.  We are dog-sitting for one of my human brudder's friends!  So, say hello to Miss Lily!  She is a furry sweet shepherd mix girl, about 1 1/2 years old.  We will have her for the next few weeks.  She is furry nice!

P.S.S  Random Cat photo!
Salem just being herself...Beewootiful!