Saturday, April 30, 2016

Miss Sophia Belle is 6 years old!

Happy Birthday to Sophia Belle!!  

Also known as Sophie, the Chunky Monkey, the Fat Cat, and Groucho!
 "Stop pointing the flashy beast at me!  I'm not ready!"
 "Mommy, you are persistent...I'm not impressed."
 "Of course it helps because I don't take a bad picture!  I am an amazing beauty!"
 Sophie is our shy girl.  She doesn't like anyone other than her two humans...and sometimes not even the boy.  However, she is a total Mommy's girl.  

Unfortunately for Salem....Sophie isn't very "sisterly"....
 "You mean because she smacks me with her fat paw?"

 Sophie is devoted to me, the Mommy.  She gets along great with everyone, only it's on her terms.  It's funny that she and Mya seem to "get" each other more than the others.
 "Her Siberian songs aren't too bad...she could use some lessons though."
 When I am working, she is never far away.  Always willing to lend a paw!

 So here is wishing my first kitty girl a happy 6th birthday!  She will be getting some tuna tonight, along with extra loves!!!

I love you my fat girl!



  1. Hmmm, so she stays with you while you work? We are the Pet Pay Patrol checking to be sure she is suitably paid for her assistance.

    A Happy birthday to the lovely Sophie.

  2. Happy Birthday sweetie pie,xx Speedy

  3. hello sophia belle its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy birthday and menny happy reeterns!!! ok bye

  4. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Sophia Belle!!! ><(((º>