Monday, June 30, 2014

Motley Crew Monday!

 Happy Monday!  Today we are just showing pictures of the "Motley Crew" known as The Painter Pack!  The chocolate Lab is Reesie Cup!  She hasn't been formerly introduced yet on the new bloggie.  But she is quite the sweetheart!

 More Reesie Cup!
 Still more!
 Here we have Mya Boo Boo in the background (with her orange baby-ball) and in front we have Salem Marie!  She is the second feline of the house.  You will read more about her later this week also.
 Of course we all know Sophia Bell!  She loves to lay in the corner of the bed!
 Mya Boo Boo enjoying some outside time in the backyard.


The rest are just pictures of the pack doing what they do....

 Being lazy!!

Thanks for checking us out!!!  Enjoy your day!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Siberian Sunday

Welcome to Siberian Sunday!  

Today's subject...blowing of the coat, with me, Mya Boo Boo as your commentator!
 First, let me say that it is an honor to be a Siberian Husky!  I mean, what could be better!  

Second, as I am the most beautiful girl in the Universe, it is a rare site to see me in such an un-groomed state!

But, as Mommy's back has gotten worse, my hooman brother has fallen behind in his duties.  Of course, the fact that I give him the CLAW when he tries to brush me...could be part of the problem.
 Like all good Siberians, it is my duty to make it as difficult on the hoomans as possible.  This includes wiggling, struggling, screaming at the top of my lungs, scratching with my CLAWS, and in some rare (or not) cases, the use of my teeth.
At this point, the hooman brother has all but given up and is dutifully vacuuming the house 5 times a day instead.  

I cannot repeat the words he used to described my, umm, temperament.  But I am pretty sure he heard them while playing his silly video games.  Or perhaps Game of Thrones.  We all know those HBO words.

Since our pack has shrunk considerably, I naturally assumed the new blog would be about me...and only me.  Well, I can assure you the hoomans are paying for this error in judgement.  See, I think the enormous fluffs of my fur being distributed throughout the house is a good place to start the payback.  After all, I will shed again...and again...and again.

Regardless, this concludes my first post on the NEW bloggie.

Mya Boo Boo

Caturday introduction!

Good Caturday to everyfurry and hooman!  To those who may not know me, I will introduce myself and share some wonderful details about my life!
 My name is Sophia Bell, but Mommy calls me Sophie...unless she's mad.  Of course, I don't answer to either, but that is part of being a feline! 
 My nickname is Chunky Monkey.  I'm not sure I like that, but since everyone in the family is...ummm..."chunky", I suppose it will do.
 I just turned 4  years old in April.  I came to live with Mommy as a tiny kitten, given to her by a friend who couldn't find me a home.  Apparently, Mommy can never say no.  I was her first "official" feline.  There was one before me, but he didn't belong to her...she just loved and took care of him for a year.  Anyway, there was a big hullabaloo with other hoomans and he was stolen away.  Mommy doesn't talk about it anymore because it makes her cry.
 Just so you know, I do run this house.  There is one other feline...but she isn't important at the moment.  This is about me!  Yes, there are dogs in the house...what can I say, Mommy has a weak spot for the pathetic.  But even the dogs bow down to me.  I have a wicked right paw-smack that knocks them on their butts!
To recap...I am big, beautiful, bossy, and all around ruler.  I enjoy my huge life, but I'm not interested in world least not yet.  I'm still a young girl, so I've got time if I want to get political.  

If anyone would like a personal interview or pawtograph, let me know.  I like to make myself available to the little people...I mean fans.  

But, if I am in my secret bunker, I cannot be disturbed...If you try, you might just get a left AND right paw-smack!  The bunker, you ask?  Yes, it does happen to be under Mommy's bed, where the big goofy Siberian cannot get to me.  She is TOO fat.  *Chuckles*

So, here to to a wonderful Caterday!!!  I plan on lounging around, eating, sleeping, and eating some more.  

Yours truly,

Sophia Belle

Friday, June 27, 2014

It's a NEW day!

Welcome to the NEW home of The Painter Pack!!!

Prepare for mayhem!