Saturday, June 28, 2014

Caturday introduction!

Good Caturday to everyfurry and hooman!  To those who may not know me, I will introduce myself and share some wonderful details about my life!
 My name is Sophia Bell, but Mommy calls me Sophie...unless she's mad.  Of course, I don't answer to either, but that is part of being a feline! 
 My nickname is Chunky Monkey.  I'm not sure I like that, but since everyone in the family is...ummm..."chunky", I suppose it will do.
 I just turned 4  years old in April.  I came to live with Mommy as a tiny kitten, given to her by a friend who couldn't find me a home.  Apparently, Mommy can never say no.  I was her first "official" feline.  There was one before me, but he didn't belong to her...she just loved and took care of him for a year.  Anyway, there was a big hullabaloo with other hoomans and he was stolen away.  Mommy doesn't talk about it anymore because it makes her cry.
 Just so you know, I do run this house.  There is one other feline...but she isn't important at the moment.  This is about me!  Yes, there are dogs in the house...what can I say, Mommy has a weak spot for the pathetic.  But even the dogs bow down to me.  I have a wicked right paw-smack that knocks them on their butts!
To recap...I am big, beautiful, bossy, and all around ruler.  I enjoy my huge life, but I'm not interested in world least not yet.  I'm still a young girl, so I've got time if I want to get political.  

If anyone would like a personal interview or pawtograph, let me know.  I like to make myself available to the little people...I mean fans.  

But, if I am in my secret bunker, I cannot be disturbed...If you try, you might just get a left AND right paw-smack!  The bunker, you ask?  Yes, it does happen to be under Mommy's bed, where the big goofy Siberian cannot get to me.  She is TOO fat.  *Chuckles*

So, here to to a wonderful Caterday!!!  I plan on lounging around, eating, sleeping, and eating some more.  

Yours truly,

Sophia Belle

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