Monday, June 30, 2014

Motley Crew Monday!

 Happy Monday!  Today we are just showing pictures of the "Motley Crew" known as The Painter Pack!  The chocolate Lab is Reesie Cup!  She hasn't been formerly introduced yet on the new bloggie.  But she is quite the sweetheart!

 More Reesie Cup!
 Still more!
 Here we have Mya Boo Boo in the background (with her orange baby-ball) and in front we have Salem Marie!  She is the second feline of the house.  You will read more about her later this week also.
 Of course we all know Sophia Bell!  She loves to lay in the corner of the bed!
 Mya Boo Boo enjoying some outside time in the backyard.


The rest are just pictures of the pack doing what they do....

 Being lazy!!

Thanks for checking us out!!!  Enjoy your day!!!

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