Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ninja Cat Tuesday!

 What is a Ninja Cat, you ask? 
 Me!  I is da Ninja Cat! (plays dramatic music for effect)

 My name is Salem Marie...But I prefer Ninja Cat!...or just SaySay.
 I is 3 years old.  I is much smaller than my BIG sister Sophie...but don't tell her I said that.  She is sensitive.
 But I cause a whole lot more excitement!  

 See, I is not afraid of anything!  I play wif the doggies...even the Siberian one.  I chase any mices that might come to visit...but I haven't figured out what to do wif them...so I usually let them go.
 I'm a Ninja...I jumps...I runs...and I leaps onto tall furnitures!  I needs a superhero cape! 
 Sometimes, I do like to cuddle wif the sister...when she lets me. 
 I love my Mommy soooooooo much!  Sometimes I sleep on her chest, just to make sure she can't roll over and fall off the bed!  Hey, it's happened!  So don't laugh!
 Then there is the OCD...yes, I am a little obsessive about my furs...MUST...BE...CLEAN...AT...ALL...TIMES.

 Overall, I is a good girl...well, except when I knock stuffs off the dressers...or pee on Mommy's bed.  But I only pees when I is mad!  Good thing da bed has a waterproof diaper on it.  :)

 So, dis is me.  Ninja Cat.  Just remember...if you see a dark shadow creeping around you at night...well, it's not me unless you is in mah house!  So you bestest run fur covers!

Ninja Cat

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