Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

In honor of our upcoming big announcement coming Saturday, we thought a few throwback pictures (and updates on past pack members) were in order!!!

 T-Bone was re-homed about a month ago.  He is currently in an East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue home.  And he is doing great!

 This is our Maxi-Doodle Butt.  He and CoCo were litter mates we adopted from a "free to good home" ad.  Doodle crossed the bridge at the age of 5 due to seizures.  We still honor his memory and miss him very much.  It will be 5 years in November.
 Of course, this is our Jack!  He was our first baby, also adopted from a "free to good home", when he was 6 months old.  Jack had been abused and posed many problems for us throughout the years.  But we never gave up on our gruff old man.  Jack left us almost 1 month ago due to his cancer.  He was 13 years and 7 months old.  We miss him every single day.
 And he had big teeth!!!
 Above is Bella and below is Jedi.  Both were re-homed to a wonderful friend who lives close to Nashville.  Jedi is Mya Boo Boo and Koova's son.  He is 6  years old and very much a lover.
Bella was adopted from MUSH rescue 4 years ago at the age of 5.  She is a total lover and doll baby!  She and Jedi always got along great.  It broke our hearts to re-home 3 of our beloved babies, but after losing my job, I didn't know if I would even have a home.  And you cannot live under a bridge with 8 big dogs.  So, I reached out to people I know and trust.  And I don't regret my decision because everyone is so happy.  Plus, I get updates on a regular basis.

Our final picture is of Koova Bleu.  He was our first husky, rescued from a backyard breeder for about $40.  He was the joy of our life, along with Jack, CoCo, and Doodle for the longest time.  I actually adopted Mya Boo Boo because of our love for Koova and the husky breed.  
Mya and Koova fell madly in love and produced one unplanned litter of 7 puppies.  All beautiful and healthy.  But Mya had a very hard time with delivery, plus we didn't want any more puppies to be born, so she was spayed.  We kept Jedi.
Koova crossed the bridge at the age of 3.  We were in the process of moving, and he was crated.  He choked on something in his crate and we didn't find him until it was too late.  It almost destroyed us...Doodle died just 3 months later.  

So, this is our throwback Thursday.  It's a chance to reminisce with some old blog followers and a chance for the new folks to know a little of our history.

As with anything, life has its challenges and heartaches...but also has it moments that make you want to soar to the moon!  With the previous blog, we shared all those moments with you and look forward to many, many more adventures.  Hopefully, soaring ones.  

The Painter Pack
Mya Boo Boo
Reesie Cup
and the cats Salem and Sophie

P.S.  Special announcement on Saturday!  Don't miss it!

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