Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Surprise!

Reesie Cup here for your Saturday Surprise announcement!

Those of you that follow us on Instagram have probably figured out the BIG surprise!  And those on Facebook have seen the photos!!  But now, I get to make the official declaration!!!

We have a new OFFICIAL pack member!!!
Please meet Zena! 
 She is my favorite sister cause she lets me be the boss!

Mama calls Zena the "Wal-Mart" puppy cause that is where we rescued her.  She came to live with us one week before Mama lost her job.  We have tried to find her a new home, but it looks like she is meant to be a pack member!

 And this is one of her bestest talents!  She loves to jump into the sink and investigate!
 Here I am, making sure she doesn't get into even more trouble!
  Zena is quite the adventurer!
Zena is around 5 1/2 months old, so she will probably be one of the smallest pack members.  She was supposed to be a lab/basset hound mix.  Trust me, as a labradork mix myself, I can assure you there is dork in there!  Just not sure what else! 

And Zena has a temper!  But she has gotten a lot better in the past couple of months.  When she was first brought home, we would let her watch "Dexter" with us.  Probably should have kept it straight Disney.

Sometimes we call her "El Diablo" cause she can be so mean!  Zena El Diablo!  But Mama says she needs a proper middle name.  We just haven't found one yet.

We will post some puppy pics of the Z later.  She got to meet all the recently re-homed pack members and got along with them all just great.  

One of the main reasons we brought Zena home was because she is brindle colored and looked so much like Jack.  We knew that Jack's time was short and thought it would be a good way to honor him.  We never really planned on keeping least at first.  And we called many rescues, but most are full and mutts have a harder time being taken in...not that we care what Z is.

She is now one of us!

Her nicknames are ZZ, and Topper...for ZZ Top!  LOL!  Mama is an 80's girl!

So, please...everyone take a moment to say hello to Zena!  We love her very much and are glad she's "finally in her forever home"!!!!

Reesie Cup


  1. Congrats on your newest addition to the pack!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. Hi ZZ. Nice to meet you. I like your new blog look. Very nice.

  3. Woofs to you Zena. Wow you can go up your kitchen sink. Good to meet you. Golden Woofs