Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Our Chocolate world! Reesie Cup!

Hello is me, Reesie Cup!  I am the resident Dork (Labrador) of the Painter Pack house.  Mommy said that I could post today cause I am so stinking cute!  What do woo think?

Here is me, sitting by my human brudder while he works.  He works from home, so I gets to keep da eyes on him and make sure he don'ts fall asleeps!  
 And if woo notice, this arm of da chair is broke...and yes, I did dat...Over time, I guess it gots weak from me sitting there..and wham...but it's ok!  Cause brudder put a pillow there to lay my head on!  I loves my brudder!
 Sometimes, when I's not in da chair, I is under the desk.  Brudder has a big desk!  So I can lay under there or look out the window while he works.  

Being a Dork, sometimes I's toots under the desk and he makes me move so's he can breathe....Woofs!  Nuffin like a Dork toot!!  And I am furry good t it!!!
 Dat's all for today!  I hope woo all enjoy wooking at me!  Cause I is cute!  

Reesie Cup


  1. Hawwooo! Looking good Reesie!


  2. Yes, you are cute. Your human brother is very fortunate to have you to keep him company while he works, even if you did break his chair.

  3. you are quite cute! I keep visiting but you don't visit back....stop by and see me! Barks and licks and love, Dakota DakotasDen