Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hanging out with the Chocolate girl!

 Hello everyone!  The Pack mom here again!  We have spent this beautiful fall day hanging out inside with our Chocolate girl, Reesie-Cup. She is recovering great from her spay surgery this past Wednesday!  

 She may look like she's not full of energy, but she is!  Oh yes, she is!
 Just ask Sophia!  She will tell you just how rambunctious that chocolate tail can be!
 Reesie:  "I think I will take a nap to save my energy for tomorrow!"
Mya Boo Boo:  "Trust me...nothing wrong with that labra-dork!  But, she's milking it for all it's worth!  Smart dork!"

Now for the "other" stuff.  

Please, remember that we are on the brink of being homeless.  Long story short, I lost my job in March 2014.  I thought I had more than 6 months of unemployment.  But I found out the second week of September, that it was ending on the 30th of that month.  Thanks to our wonderful friends, we have raised enough money to stay through October.  However, we haven't raised any money for November.  And our landlord has said that we cannot be late or short on rent.  It is due by the 3rd each month.

It is just me, my son (age 22) and pets.  My son has been desperately looking for a job since April with no luck.  As for me, I lost my job due to health issues.  I have applied for disability, thinking I'd have a year to 18 months of unemployment.  Now, I've still not had a decision on my disability, and probably won't for another 2 months.  So, I either have to try and find a job that I can do, or my son has to find a good, full time job.  

I am begging my friends to share our need, through our GoFundMe page at

We understand that everyone is struggling in one way or another.  But please, if you can, share our need on your FB or Google+ pages.  It may help us.  Otherwise, without rent on November 3rd, we will be homeless within 7 days (which is Georgia law).

My son has a PayPal account under if needed.

So, thank you for your shares and prayers.   They are all appreciated more than you can know.

Sherri and the Pack

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