Monday, November 2, 2015

The Heart

 Another year passes...we never forget your birthday.  It's a day that was important for so many years.  Yesterday, November 1, 2015 our boy Jack would have been 15.  To me, that is not old at all.  If cancer had not entered his body, he would have been a robust senior!

But, it did.  And we lost you much too soon...June of 2014.

We try not to be sad when we think of you...instead, we laugh at things you did or might have done now if you were still with us.  Like barking at the UPS person!  No one got past your ears, even in your last days.  Jack, you are still missed and still very much loved.  I hope our words reach you in Heaven...I hope you are there with Koova and Doodle, and even Riley Cat, having a blast.  Let them know that they are not forgotten either.

When you love someone with your whole heart, that never changes.  The ache lessens...the sadness dims...but the love never leaves.  That is why we love with the most powerful and life-sustaining part of our bodies.  The Heart.

Forever in our hearts...
 Jackson "Samari" Jack Painter
     Loved forever by his Pack