Tuesday, February 2, 2016

V-E-T visit and Slim Down Time!

 Hello every pup and cat!  CoCo Bean here with a pupdate!  Last Saturday, Mommy invited a nice lady and fellow over to our house.  At least they seemed nice.  Turns out, it was da V-E-T!  **Shivers**

 I about fainted!  I gots pulled out and muzzled!  Cause Mommy doesn't trust me--rightly so I might add.  *Smirks*  I gots a shot and they took some of my bloods!  MY BLOODS!  The lady and fellow were nice enough...but I don't like shots...and having my bloods took!  So next time, bring cookies instead and leave da shots and blood taking thingy at home!

 Reesie Cup here...You think CoCo had problems...**lowers head in shame**...I'll trade you da blood sucker for the finger in my hiney any time!  Talk about a surprise!  Why Mommy? 

The vet peoples was nice...I didn't even mind the shot all that much cause I smelled treats!  

 Lost the desire for da treats when the gloves went on and that finger came out...**gulp**Hope she found what she was looking for, cause the hiney is closed!  You hear me vet lady!  Now the lady has me on a diet!  She said I needs to lost at least 15 pounds!  Lady, is woo crazy?  I can't give up my foods!!  

Mya Boo Boo here.  Such babies...both of you!  You don't know pain and humiliation!  **stomps Husky foot**  I got a shot too...and had my bloods stolen! But the worst part....the unforgivable...

She touched my feet!  You heard me...She touched my feety feets!  Not only that, she stole my beautiful toenails!  Just cut them right off with her evil toenail cutter!  I was so mad with da lady...woo can keep dem treats...I've got your scent and I'll find you!  You and your toenail stealing cutting thingy!  **Stomps out of the room**
 Pack Mom here!  Sheesh...talk about drama queens!  But it is over until next year!  Whoo Hoo!  Thanks to the wonderful Vet-To-Go Service that handles Chattanooga and part of North Georgia!  They are great and if any of my local readers are interested in using them, contact me and I'll give you the information!  Reesie is also on a diet now...we have cut back on her food intake and increased her exercise.  Fifteen pounds may not sound like a lot...but she's about twenty pounds overweight!

Here is a small sample of our even smaller snow event...that wasn't.  Most of the East got feet...we got a dusting.  But, it was nice...for about an hour before it was gone.  Maybe we'll get some snow before the year is over!

The Painter Pack

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  1. Those Vets sure get hung up on that diet word! Hey, thanks for the POTP for Sister Precious, we appreciate it!