Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday to Sophia Belle (and Sammy)!

Happy birthday to our beautiful girl! Here are a few photos when she was barely a year old!  She was much smaller then!

Some photos of her with a tiny Salem in the background!  They are about one year apart...

Sophie didn't like her new little sister at first.  Truth be told, they still have issues!  Sophie would be happy to be the only cat in the house.  Or the only furry one in the house.  She's not social at all and doesn't care for anyone much...except mama!  She likes to stay under the bed or looking out the window.  And she hardly ever comes out of the bedroom.
 And here is our beautiful girl today.  All grown up with floof to spare!  She sheds as much or more than our Siberian Husky, Mya! 
 Happy 5th Birthday Sophia Belle!  You are a true joy to be around!  Unless  you are in one of your moods...then steer clear.

We love our Maine Coon girl!

Also, a special shout out to our boy T-Bone, now Sammy.  He was re-homed almost a year ago and today he turns 5 years old as well!  Sammy has a fantastic new mommy named Angie and some doggie siblings!  He will always be loved and greatly missed, but he is extremely happy in his new forever home!

Happy birthday to both of our babies!

Mom and the Pack

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