Thursday, April 23, 2015

Updates on my re-homed babies!

 Pack mom here!  Last week I received some wonderful photos of Bella (now just Izzy) and Jedi (still Jedi) from their new mama in East Tennessee!  Thank you to Marcia for all that you have done! 

Here is my Izzy Bella.  She has gained some weight, but will always be a slim girl.  Lanky like a deer!

Here is Jedi, Mya Boo Boo's oldest 7 years old.  Both kids are a bit muddy because there has been tons of rain.  But Jedi has certainly plumped up!  LOL!  He has his mother's genes!  :)

I do miss them so very much.  But they are on a huge piece of land, with other huskies to play with...and they are LOVED!

It is never easy to make the decision to re-home a pet that you love.  Especially for me, Jedi.  I helped Mya deliver him in the closet of my bedroom 7 years ago.  He's always been a special part of my heart.  

But now, he is part of another person's heart...and very special buddy to my friend's husband.  They are bonded and best friends.  For this, I am eternally grateful and happy.  So regardless of how sad I get sometimes, I know they are happy, healthy and loved.

Here is T-Bone (now called Sammy).  He was just adopted by his foster mom, Angie just a few weeks ago!  He is doing wonderful!

Angie has worked with him constantly over the past year and he is now able to walk on a leash without jumping at sounds and people.

Look how handsome he is!  Oh, and now he will let her give him a bath.  That was a NO-NO for us.  So Angie has made wonderful progress.

It wasn't easy to let them rips out a piece of your heart.  But, after losing my job and car, and fearing the loss of my rental home, I had to do something drastic.  I would never, ever want to take a pet of mine to a shelter.  So, making this decision was the right one.  Although we are still in our rental home for now, it is a month to month struggle.  And not a risk I was willing to take for my pets.  I could be homeless with my 3 doggies (not sure about the kitties), but not with 6 or 8 dogs.  

So, there you go!  Some happy, healthy and much loved pups!  I also get small updates on Zena, the puppy I got out of a parking lot just prior to losing my job.  She has a good home with a doggie brother and now a little doggie sister, plus 2 human sisters.  

Thanks for taking a moment to catch up on our past pack-mates.  


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