Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy!

Meow!!!!!  Meow!!!!!  Salem here!  Guarding the galaxy through Mommy's window.  Well, guarding the yard at least.   It is a job that I take seriously!!  After all, there are birds out there!!!   

 And here is the Siberian...acting like she's all in charge.  I'm not afraid of Mya Boo Boo and she knows it.  Big fluffy butt better watch out!

 Since the yard is so big, I guess it could be a two woman job! 
So for now, we'll guard together.  Only because Mya's  attention span is so short, she will give up and move before the end of this blog!!!  You just wait!  Hmmp!

Silly dogs.  It's why cats rule!  Especially in guarding the galaxy!!!

Ninja Cat

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  1. We have a review from Owen the To0nk up on our blog abut the movie It sounds fun.