Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ninja Cat and the Chair!

 Hi everyfurry!  Ninja Cat Salem here!  I has to show you mommy's new "office" area...whatever that means.  It has something to do with making green papers for our canned stinky goodness!  So, it meets with my approval!
 Mommy heard me sharpening my nails on her new office chair and decided to put this pink cover over it...MOL!  

"Mommy, do you not know better than to try and fool the Ninja Cat?"

Here is where she found me this morning.  I decided if I couldn't scratch it, I'd sleep in it!  MOL!!!  Mommy seemed amused.

 "Hey!  Who turned on the lights!  I was sleeping ya know!"
 "Hi, Mommy...I was real warm and comfy in your new chair!"
MOL!!!  That adorable look gets her every time!  Who can resist that face!

Salem, The Ninja Cat


  1. You look adorable with that color- you look cute all the time though :)

  2. hahaha you definitely look cozy!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. *waves paws* hi there! Tell your mom to email our mom so she has your info to pass along to 9lives!! we're tonkstail - at- gmail! She was afraid a FB message might not get to you in time. The cutoff was midnight last night but she's happy to send your info in - just in case!

  4. Oh so sweet! and oh-so-stealthy! You sure look comfy cozy!

  5. Hey Salem! IT IS NICE TO MEET YOU, WTG THERE IS NO STOPPING. Ninja cat on a mission!