Friday, June 23, 2017

Jack, we love you.

Has it really been this long?  Four long years that you have been gone.  I couldn't bring myself to write a new post because I have to go to work and crying gives me a headache.  So here is the link to another post about our dear Jack.  

I miss you Moose.


Jack We Still Miss You


  1. Anniversaries are hard for sure, we send gentle woooos and prayers for peace.

  2. sending you (((hugs))) as you remember

  3. Yes, it is so hard to write such a post without tears. We don't ever forget them!

  4. Hey, do your kitties want to be interviewed for We have a contact form in our left sidebar so you can let us know.

  5. hello painter pack its dennis the vizsla dog hay i no how yoo feel it has been over three yeerz sinse tucker went away and nearly too yeerz sinse trixie went away and i stil miss them too!!! we wil see owr beloved pack mayts agin sumday over the rainbo bridj!!! ok bye