Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Pack is still in need.

 Here are some photos of our pack relaxing.  At night, during T.V. time, they pile around me.  The only one not here is CoCo and that is because she and Mya do not get along.  We are working on that!
 We are still looking at being homeless.  I checked into Section 8 housing...but there is a 2 YEAR wait!  I understand, now, why there are so many homeless people in America. 
 Some people have asked me about a PayPal account.  Yes, my son has one at koovawolf@hotmail.com.  His name is Nick Painter.
 Begging is not easy.  But, look at these faces.  I have given up all the pets that I can...since March--after losing my job--I re-homed 2 huskies, 1 border collie, 1 lab mix...and of course we lost our Jack to cancer in June.

Of course, if we are living on the street, we won't be able to have the kitties with us.  I am hoping my BFF will let them live in her basement (with her 2 cats) until we can find a new home.

I thank all those who have given.  I know that everyone is hurting right now.  

I also thank all those who have sent prayers and encouraging thoughts and emails.  It does help.  Really.
 Finally, just please continue to share.  Maybe someone who is truly able to give will see it and do so.  It has happened before.

Here is the link:

The pack thanks you.  I thank you...from the bottom of my heart.  

Sherri and the Pack

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